About The Wheel College

Who Are We

Collage of The Wheel of America, a registered educational institution in the United States of America Government (Delaware) under number 6271988, according to U.S. law Established institutions. Where the College was founded in April of the year 2017

the College is providing services of training and education in all its forms, and anshattha format via its website and its agents network in Arabic countries, And a number of qualified individuals and centers and specialized institutions. The College operates within the law of universities and colleges , professional care and care rehabilitation of market work and working on bridging the gap between Education and academic labor market work .

The College also offers among its services a program to support human development trainers all vary him. Through them and adopt their courses and training packages. Besides, advertising and marketing design services

Our Vision

Spread science and knowledge in the simplest, easiest, most effective and the most attractive way so that science

and learning becomes a passion and goal of every Arab youth in every Arabic country.

Our Objective

We strive to create a learning society and open-minded and philistine.

Accept himself and everyone does not contradict our Islamic and Arabic traditions.

Our Message

We strive to bring good science to everyone, so knowledge is not limited to one,

science is now so close, closer than you can imagine.

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